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    OCHS Athletic & Student Center
    Location: Ontario, CA
    K-12 Education / Sports + Recreation
    Current In Development

Who We Are

Formillus is a contemporary and dynamic architectural firm in Southern California with new ideas and perspectives on modern living, the workplace, and educational environments. Valuing the full range of design, for us, it is about the journey and the relationships created along the way. We enjoy and promote the BIG IDEA, but have an equally strong desire for making it work. We enthusiastically engage real people and places to solve the critical issues of our time, thereby creating uniquely different solutions with striking and sustainable results. We know that great design is one of the most powerful tools for promoting image, functionality, and success. We embrace science and technology to the fullest with our skillful, experienced and talented Architects, Engineers, graphic designers, and specialty consultants, to provide a broad-based perspective for achieving our clients goals.