Posted on Jun 20, 2012

Ontario International Airport

Airport architecture is crucial in forming a traveler’s first impression of a place. The new Terminal at the Ontario International Airport will become a welcoming entryway into Southern California for a number of international travelers.

Ontario is a city 35 miles east of Los Angeles, with the vast plains of the Inland Empire south of the existing Airport, and majestic San Gabriel Mountains on its north. The major means of transportation – including a proposed Metrolink station – are located north of the existing terminals and the access road. The new terminal—which will be located alongside of the existing ones—will take the full advantage of this orientation.  As the arriving travelers proceed from the gate to the passport control to the customs and, finally, to the luggage check-out and to ground transportation, the breathtaking view of the mountains will be increasingly dominating their sight. The architecture of the terminal, as well as the design of the bridge that connects terminal with the new Metrolink station, will be formed by the floating stripes that will emphasize this orientation and that will frame these views.